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Inside windshield cover

Protect your car's dashboard and steering wheel from UV rays and summer heat. It is not absolutely necessary to sit in a hot car after a long day, using a roller blind, the aluminum reflective layer prevents the car's interior from getting hot. This eliminates the need to ventilate or switch the air conditioner to a high setting. The blind can be easily mounted on the inside of the windscreen or the rear window using suction cups. Thanks to its compact, slim design, it does not create extra dead space at the "A" pillar, eliminating the need to remove and mount every time. Powerful suction cups allow you to hold the blind on the windshield when traveling, simply pull it out when stopped and protect your car from UV and sunlight. The advantage of not having to store, retrieve and unfold a conventional cover.Especially recommended for families with small children or pets, as the child / pet should not be placed in a hot car.

Attetion! The blinds can be cut to size (up to 5-10 cm) if your windscreen is smaller in height than the factory size! When installing, always make sure that the blind does not obstruct your view!Use it only if it can be safely positioned behind the windscreen and does not narrow your field of vision!

  • Easy to install
  • With strong suction cups
  • UV-proof material
  • With reflective layer
Size: 150 x 70 x 6 cm
Number of suction cups: 6 + 1 db
Weight: ~345 g