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Hidden EMR reversing strip with display

An extremely innovative product that does not require DIY skills, discreet, unnoticeable, yet works great. You do not need to drill the bumper like for the conventional parking sensor, therefore it not damage the paint and can be easily installed even in a home environment. The technology is based on the electromagnetic principle: The electromagnetic field is an interaction created by electric and magnetic fields, which is generated by the open vibration circle behind the car, similar to the conventional radio antenna. If any object is detected in this area, the inside unit will indicated with loud beeps, also the approximation of the object and when to stop. The reversing strip has a strong self-adhesive layer that does not dissolve fom heat, this has to be applied on the inside of the bumper and then connect to the control unit. The power supply is obtained from the reverse lamp so the sensor will only be activated when reversing. If you are unsure of the installation, please contact a specialist for installation.

  • Innovative, works on the principle of electromagnetic induction
  • Not necessary to drill the bumper
  • There is no dead space due to the continuity of the sensor strip
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with any car
  • The strip can be cut to the desired length
  • Can be installed to the front or the side of the car
  • Loud distance signal (beep, frequent beep, continious beep)
  • Not necessary to wire the entire car


  • Remove the bumper if you feel the need for more accessibility!
  • Clean and degrease the inside of the bumper.
  • Try the reversing strip on the desired area without applying it, then cut it to the desired size. To prevent dead spots, you can turn the strip to the side of the bumper if it is long enough.
  • Place the strip on a flat surface, make sure it does not crease, and make it straight. Place the strip higher if your car has a tow bar, the tow bar must not be close to the magnetic field as it may cause a false alarm.
  • ATTENTION! The strip can be removed after installation but can not be re-glued!
  • Connect the control unit to the strip's connector and place it to a dry place. Ensure the power supply of the unit from the backlight bulb. Make sure of the correct insulation of the connectors!
  • Place the display to the desired area (top of the rear window or on the dashboard) and secure it with a double-sided adhesive tape.
  • Put the car in reverse and get help for testing.


Power supply: 12 V
Sensor strip length: 220 cm
Sensing distance: approx. 60 - 70 cm
Detection Technology: Electromagnetic