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Car cleaning set

Provide complete care and cleanliness for your car with this wiping kit. The set contains 4 different fabrics of different structure and material. Always use the right cloth for maximum cleaning of various exterior and interior surfaces of your car.

  • Glass cleaning: Quick and efficient help with window cleaning. Use only with clean water. Leaves a sparkling, patch-and-strip-free surface.
  • Dashboard cleaning: Spray the detergent onto the cloth and clean the surface thoroughly and finally wipe dry.
  • Interior cleaning:It can be used on all interior surfaces, it is recommended to clean the dashboard and other more dirty surfaces with a separate cloth so that no dirt is transferred.
  • Cleaning exterior surfaces:Microfiber cloth with excellent absorbency.

Cleaning cloths can be used and washed several times.

Size: 40 x 30 cm
Package contains: 4 cleaning cloths
Can be used with chemicals: yes
Washable: yes, on 30°C
Material: 80% poliester + 20% nylon