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Heated car seat protector

During the winter months, you do not have to wait until your car's interior heats up, this heated seat protector provides instant comfort and a pleasant feeling of warmth. It can be used with any type of seat as well as with easy to attach rubber straps.

Important note!
When you get out of the car, always unplug from the cigarette lighter. Children may only use it in the presence of adults. Make sure that the seat protector does not wrinkle because the heating elements inside it may be damaged and cause a short circuit. The device can only be used with 12V power supply! Equipped with 5A fuse. Improper use means loss of warranty. If you experience abnormal operation, immediately disconnect the device and check the integrity of the connector and fuse, or contact a specialist for assistance.

  • Adjustable heating intensity
  • Can be used with any type of seat
  • Easy to connect
  • Protects the seat from wear and tear


Power source: 12V - cigarette lighter
Color: Black
Size: 960 x 450 mm
Cable length: 120 cm
Size of fastening straps: 14 cm
Number of fastening straps: 4 pcs rubber / 2 pc metal hooks