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Hydraulic bottle jack

Hydraulic bottle jack, which can be widely useful for home or car use. Use it to lift quickly and easily. For example, just place it under your car at a suitable lifting point, wind up the upper part until it stops and start lifting with the help of the folding arm. Its advantage is that it can fit in a small place so you can take it anywhere in your trunk.

Before lifting, always make sure that the raised object is properly secured and that the correct lifting point is selected to avoid dangerous situations.

  • Fast and easy use
  • Compact size with detachable rods
  • Forged steel alloy
  • External - internal welding for leakproof tank
  • High quality hydraulic oil
  • Corrosion resistant


Size: 185 x 90 x 90 mm
Weight: 2 kg
Max lifting weight:    2 t
Lifting range: 16 - 29 cm
Operating temperature: -5°C - +45°C
Lever length: 28 cm
Color: Black