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Wireless Car Charger&Holder

With this car holder, you can safely secure your device while traveling, and charge it without cables. The holder is capable of charging any device with wireless charging capability. Use with factory-made mobile devices only! The holder is made with non-slip silicone so it does not cause scratches on the device, but keeps it stable. The clamping mechanism is durable, high quality, and the lower part of the device allows to charge devices with non-wireless charging function. The suction cup is large, the arm is massive, moves up and down, and can be moved in all directions with the ball joint, so it can be set for comfortable use. One hand release is possible with the button located at the lower right corner. The correct connection of the cable is indicated by two flashing blue lights at the bottom left grid.

  • Wireless charging
  • Stable, safe holding
  • Silicone interior
  • Massive mechanics
  • MicroUSB connection
  • Cigarette charger with cable and extra USB ports


Fixing type: Suction cup
Fixing a phone: Clamped from the side
Connection: MicroUSB
Cable charging current: ~1,7 A / 12 V DC
Wireless charging current
the input current:
~75 %
Cabel: Black, 50 - 80 cm (spiral)
Size: 132 x 65 x 38 mm
Min. 54 mm / max. 93 mm
Color: Blue / Black