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DevilX 6,5" / 165 mm 3 way

The 4-member Devil X Speaker family is the most popular model of the MNC palette, which, in addition to its technical properties, surpasses its competitors in the same category in price-value terms. The rugged construction of a magnet circuit, polypropylene cone, high excursion capability rubber suspension is the main feature of the series. To extend the frequency band, each model is equipped with a super-tweeter radiator. Each pair of loudspeakers is delivered with an attractive plastic protective shield.

  • 3-way
    Size:    6.5" / 165 mm
    Depth:    59 mm
    Impedance:    4 ohms
    Performance:    100 W
    Frequency:    50 Hz - 20 kHz
    Voice coil:    1" / 25 mm
    Tweeter:    30 mm (PEI)
    Super tweeter:    13 mm
    Sensitivity (1 W / 1 m):    90 dB
    Magnet size:    13 oz

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