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Tweeter 80 W • 4 ohm

It is ideal if your car's factory loud speakers are placed low on the doors and you do not hear the high pitched sounds. Essential tools for compiling a good car hi-fi system. They are easy to install, usually placed in the "A" column or in the upper part of the doors.

  • Adjustable Tweeter Angle
  • Black color
    Tweeter size:    1 "/ 25.4 mm
    Peerformance:    80 W
    Frequency:    5 - 20 kHz
    Impedance:    4 ohms (for 4 and 8 ohm systems)
    SPL (1 m / 1 W):    100 dB
    Accessories:    2 mounting frames,   
    2 slotting frames,   
    2 adhesive disc,   
    6 fixing screws